Sustainable aquaculture

Down with the old, up with the new

The first step toward improving the welfare of fish is to consider its habitat. By growing fish in a closed containment system, we can control and grow the fish in a safe and sustainable manner. 

The result of our efforts is the Aquafarm Floating Closed System. Developed together with Marintek, DNV GL, Norconsult, Multiconsult and SINTEF, this groundbreaking solution has been thoroughly tested and certified. 

Together with Mowi, we’ve carried out full-scale testing of the system for post-smolt production, but designed also for full grown fish and brood fish.

Technical features

Our floating closed system is built from several GRP elements, which are joined together to make a single unit. To withstand environmental forces and to ensure stability, a large floating collar is mounted on the tank. The floating collar facilitates water treatment systems, which consists of filters, UVs and oxygenation equipment. This system treats and disinfects the intake water in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Through a pumping system, the water is withdrawn at 25 meters, and water transported through separate water treatment systems before it is released into the tank.
A specially designed, patented hatch system ensures a double fish escape barrier configuration and exceptional hydraulic flow inside the habitat. This method lets us circumvent the fish louse problem altogether.
Tank illustration


Certified design and construction according to NS9415:2009 and NYTEK

Technical data

Inside diameter: Ø40 m
Circumference: 126 m
Cage Depth: 22 m


Gross Volume: 21.000 m3
Significant Wave Height: Hs = 2,0 m, Tp 5,0


Design Wind : v = 30 m/s (Severe Storm)
Current: 1,0 m/s
Lifetime: 25 years