Let's change fish farming forever

A vital industry

Aquaculture is key to securing global food supply. Our industry has come a long way toward becoming more sustainable, but we still have far to go.

A new approach

We depart from conventional industry wisdom, setting a bold new goal. Our vision is zero-footprint fish farming.

Industry innovations

stem from the need to cut costs, adapt to regulations and increase profits.

Persistent problems

remain, like fish escapes, fish louse and polluted environments.

New ways of thinking

are needed to come to grips with these challenges.

What if we started from

the other


A new school of fish thought.

The welfare of fish

We think a lot of problems can be solved by focusing first on the welfare of fish.

By making the effort to create an environment where fish thrive, we incidentally create an environment that makes it possible to eliminate pollution. Our artificial habitat means healthier fish, which in turn results in less food waste, and improved profits.

It’s this starting from the other end that makes our solutions unique.

Traditional high-risk production

Several de-lousing treatments result in a high mortality rate. High risk of escapes.


Aquafarm post smolt production

Using Aquafarm for post smolt cuts the need for de-lousing treatments in half. Escape risk is still present.


Aquafarm complete production

A total Aquafarm approach eliminates the need for de-lousing and removes the risk of escape.


accumulation of fish lice


sludge collection


escape proof

Good things

Good for the fish

Filtered, UV-treated and oxygenated water
Eliminating fish lice
Less risk of diseases
Significantly lower mortality
Less mechanical handling

Good for the environment

No fish escapes
Preservation of natural habitats
Reduced waste
Collection of fish pellets
Enables no-chemical production

Good for employees

Stable and secure working platform
Safe access
All processes can be automated

Good for business

Reduced food waste
Increased profits
Long lifespan
Shorter growth time