Fish Health

There are several parameters that influence the fish health. The Neptun Cage has proven to meet many of these through various concepts.

The pump capacity and the hydraulic design ensure fresh water throughout the whole cage. At full power the total cage volume is replaced more than 32 times a day. The current induced by the pumps gives the fish a continuous flow of water and simulate the sea current. In addition oxygen is distributed inside the water flow, – the O2-saturation is monitored and may be regulated to the optimum for the fish.

As the water in the cage is extracted from >25 m, the temperature is more stable through the seasons and optimal for fish growth. This depth is also believed to be below the normal area for lice and other organisms in the water, hence, a large reduction of lice, contamination and infection is the result.

All these factors put together has shown to give increased growth, low mortality and a more healthy fish.


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