Cost Factors

The investment cost for a Neptun Cage is somewhat higher than that of a conventional system. However the benefits of the closed cage will soon come to light and reveal many advantages.
In addition to direct sale we can offer both rental and leasing agreements. Please contact us for further details.ID-100272287

  • The design life for the Neptun Cage is 25 years – strong and durable materials are selected to keep the maintenance cost as low as possible.
  • Total production cost per kg is lower than in open cages.
  • Low investment cost compared to land based (2000 – 2400 NOK/m3).
  • The Neptun Cage can be located close to shore saving transport cost for both personnel and equipment.
  • High quality and very efficient pumps ensures low power consumption.
  • Expenses due to escapes and change of nets are no longer a factor.
  • Cost of delousing is reduced to a minimum – if any at all.
  • The mortality rates are well below the rates in conventional cages. During several test phases we have proven a rate below 1% for Post-Smolt production.
  • The waste is collected in a separate system and have many potential uses:
  • Soil improvement
    Additive in concrete
    Extract phosphorus
  • The growth factor has proven to be excellent in the Neptun Cage – saving a lot on feed.

All in all the Neptun closed cage will prove to be a better investment after a short period of time.
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